Eco Lodge

We are in the Marine Park of Mafia Island, but this is not the only reason to follow the "Green Way".
We are aware that it is very difficult to have Zero impact on the environment, but we do our best to reduce it as much as possible. Please, help us to follow this way!

Our Green Achievements!

Enviromental Certification

We are proud to be the first Eco Lodge in Mafia Island.
Thanks to NEMC(National Environmental Management Council) we have been able to reach this important step for the Green Way.
Here our main commitments:

  • Ensure safe disposal of all types of wastes.
  • Ensure environmental sustainability by avoiding any form of pollution by using most viable managements techniques.
  • Adhere to the Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Monitoring Plan (MP), constantly improve and update them by taking into account any new development.
  • Constantly liaise with relevant authorities and consult stakeholders including local communities in case of any development or changes as regards to implementation of our project plan activities.
  • Adhere to all proposed mitigation measures.
  • Abide to all national social and environmental safeguard policies and standards.
  • Prepare an Emergency and Contingency plan and put in place risk and safety measure.
  • Conduct periodic Environmental Audits and facilitate monitoring by relevant authorities.
  • Design and implement an internal Environmental and Safety Policy and Awareness Program.

Dive Green!


we couldn't forget the most important side of the environment.. The Ocean.
With the constant help of PADI and Project Aware we have improved our standards in Sea Activities on envirmental low impact
The Green Star Award is an important goal giving us the opportunity to increase our effort to protect this fragile environment.