Padi Courses

Shamba Kilole Lodge is Padi Resort s-21632
Thanks to our simple, but very efficient logistic, we offer a friendly way to learn Scuba Diving.
A comfortable classroom and a swimming pool with 3 levels of depth make the courses flexible and easy.
The dive sites in Chole Bay are the perfect choice for open water sections.
Don't miss the chance to be a Diver in Mafia Island!

PADI Scuba Diving Courses

  • Discover Scuba Diving (no certification)

it is just an experience, but a lot of fun!

  • Padi scuba Diver

3 day Course ( limitation to 12 m). If you have a little time, this is a good starting of your Diving Adventure.

  • Open Water Diver

5 day course. The full PADI Course to introduce you to the silent world

  • Advanced Open Water

The right way to continue your Diving Education. 3 days of Adventure Diving.

  • Specialties

(1 to 3 days course depending on the specialty)
U/W Navigation
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Drift Dive
Night Dive
Deep Dive
Digital Photography
Multilevel (Use of computer)

  • Rescue Diver

Now we are getting serious!
The most rewarding course, before professional level. You need to spend no less that 5 Days to complete Rescue & EFR courses.

  • Divemaster

If diving is your vocation... maybe it is the moment to be a professional.
Divemaster is the first level of Padi Professional Certification.
Take it easy... Minimum 2 weeks of full time course!


Now  eLearning Padi Courses!!!

Padi eLearning

If you prefer to have more time for Scubadiving, now you can start your class at home!
Yes! With Padi you can start the theory at home and complete the course with us.

Start Padi eLearning Now!!!


The way the world learn to dive....
.... In Mafia Island

Dive Green!


Respect the environment!
Start your course in a Green Way!